Halal Dinner

Halal Dinner




Halal dinner in the center of Amsterdam

Are you a Muslim or Muslim looking for a perfect place to eat in the center of Amsterdam? Then you have come to the right place at Pind Punjabi Indian Restaurant. We naturally serve ritually slaughtered meat.

For example, if you have a business dinner with guests from an Islamic country, Pind Punjabi restaurant is the perfect place for your business halal dinner. Your Islamic guests will be able to choose from an unprecedented range of the most delicious Tandoori and Curries dishes, prepared with care by our chefs.

In addition to Tandoori and Curry dishes, we also offer the most delicious Halal biryanis.

During Ramadan, Pind Punjabi Restaurant is a popular dining venue for Muslims and Muslim women. Because our kitchen is open until eleven o’clock in the evening, Muslims can enjoy a Halal meal with us after fasting.

You can come in earlier to place your order and we will ensure that your halal meal is served when the fast is broken.